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This painting is from Gita Govind series of Kangra paintings.

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This painting is from Gita Govind series of Kangra paintings illustrating verses of Jayadeva’s Gita Govind which is a unique lyrical work of highly literary genius. Its rich imagery, entrancing music, and passionate love pictures have given joy to millions. Krishna is the human soul who engages in amorous sport with gopis, representing the delights of the illusory world and ignores Radha, who is the personification of intellectual and moral beauty. When ‘reminded’ by the messenger, he returns to Radha, who weans him away from the pleasures of the world of senses. Ultimately Krishna is freed from sensuous distractions and his union with Radha, the personification of divine love and beauty, takes place.

This painting illustrates following verse from the 12th Canto of Gita Govind in which after the night of intense love Radha asks Krishna to re-decorate her hair with flowers so that no one comes to know about their love.

“O you, who give respect to others, my hair, which fell loose as we made love, is like the whisk of Kamadeva’s flag. It is more captivating than the tail-feathers of a peacock. Please decorate my charming hair with flower blossoms.”

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Dimensions 7 x 11 in
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Mineral pigments and pure gold on hand made paper


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