The Union of Radha and Krishna

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The painting illustrates the following verse from Canto XII of the Gita Govinda:

“Tears of joy gushed in a stream from the full eyes of Radha and their watery glances beamed. on her best beloved. Even shame, which had lingered in her downcast eyes was itself ashamed and departed, when the fawn-eyed Radha, gazed on the brightened face of Krishna, while she passed by the soft edge of his couch and the bevy of her attendant nymphs warily retired from the bower.

Govinda, seeing his beloved cheerful, her lips sparkling with smiles, and her eyes speaking desire, thus eagerly addressed her; while she carelessly reclined on the leafy bed strewn with soft blossoms: ‘Set the lotus of thy foot on this azure bosom; and let this couch be victorious over all, who rebel against love.”

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