Radha enters the bower of Govinda

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This picture illustrates the following lines from Canto XI of the Gita Govinda:

sa sasadhvasa sanandam
govinde lolalochana
sinjanaman jumanjiram
pravivesabhi vesanam

radha vadanavilokana vikasita
vividhavikaravi bhangam
jalanidhimiva vidhuman daladar
sanatara litatun gatarangam

harimekarasam chiram
abhilashita vilasam
sa dadarsa guruharshavasam
vadava danaman anga nivasam

“Radha with timid joy, fixing her eyes on Govinda, while she musically sounded the rings of her ankles and the bells of her zone, entered the mystic bower of her only beloved.

There she beheld Madhava who delighted in her alone; who so long had sighed for her embrace; and whose countenance then gleamed with excessive rapture; his heart was agitated by her sight, and like the mighty deep which sees the moon and rises, all his life uprose to drink her beams.”

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