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Bihari has described female beauty in many of his verses.  But none excels the doha given below, which the Kangra artist has illustrated in this painting.   In the music  of its words, compactness and vivid imagery, it stands out as a pearl of unique beauty in the necklace of seven hundred presented by him to posterity.

Tataki dhoi dhovati, chatakili mukha joti;
   Lasati rasoi kain bagara, jagara magara duti hoti!

Clad in a newly-washed garment, the nayika is cooking;
The kitchen is shining with the radiance of her lovely face.

Surrounded by utensils, a pile of brinjals stored against the wall, the lovely one is cooking.  Her jet  black  tresses reach her waist. Her face is serene and beautiful,  Her simple white dress enhances her beauty. In this painting the Hindu ideal of female beauty is portrayed in a lyrical manner. One is reminded of the following lines by Wordsworth.

“She was a phantom of delight
When first she gleamed upon my sight.”

In the background, Krishna, the cow-herd, is shown sitting under a tree, with cows resting in the foreground.  The female messenger is describing to him the beauty of Radha as she is cooking in the kitchen.

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