Sheltering from Rain

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One of the most delightful paintings by the master artist of the paintings of the Bhagavad Purana series.It shows ‘Love in Union’.Krishna was grazing cows along with the cowherd boys and gopis when it started raining suddenly. They all took shelter under a pair of trees.While a cowherd  boy protected himself from rain with a lotus-leaf, another one hid among the trunks.Krishna and his favourite gopi sheltered beneath a common black shawl.The cows are providing a cover to the lovers.A liana is embracing the tamala tree in its coils, and the trees themselves are locked in embrace. On the crown of a tree, a peacock, the lover of the cloud, is shouting exultantly. In a corner is a skien of snow- white saras cranes soaring into the sky.On the left are two gopis carrying pitchers.What the one to the extreme left is saying to the other is expressed in the following poem of the poet Bahadur (translated in English):

The jasmine is entwined with the champaka,
The nagalata is embracing the tamala;
The rivers are rushing madly to mate with the ocean,
And young women overcome with
passion are seeking their lovers.
The restless lightning is dancing in the dark clouds.
May you also be blessed with love, Oh Sakhi!

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