The month of Shravana

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This painting is from Baramasa series of Kangra paintings depicting month of Shravana (July-August).The rainy month of Shravana is month of lovers, amorous and passionate. The lovers are seated on a chauki and the lady is pointing towards the flash of lightening in the clouds. On a rounded hill a peacock is shouting with joy, hailing the clouds, and in the background is a flight of white cranes soaring into the sky. A mountain stream is winding sinuously through the hillocks. The lady urges her lover not to leave her alone in month of Shravana. The painting is inspired by the following verse (translated to English) of Keshavdas from Kavipriya:

The streams look so lovely, as they rush to meet the sea.The creepers enchant the eye embracing young trees lovingly. The lightning flashes restlessly as she sports with rolling clouds. The peacocks, with their shrill cries, announce the mating of earth and sky. All lovers meet in this month of Shravana, why forsake me then, my love?

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Dimensions 9.5 x 7 in
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Mineral pigments and pure gold on hand made paper


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