The Month Of Phalguna

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This painting is from the Baramasa series of Kangra paintings depicting month of Phalguna (Feb-March). The lover puts his left arm on the shoulders of young lady and looks her fondly. The lady is clad in thin transparent muslin and her palms are dyed red with henna. Villagers are playing Holi in the background. She urges her lover not to leave home in the month of Phalgun. The painting is inspired by the following poem (translated to English) of famous Hindi poet Keshavdas from Kavipriya :

All restraint gone, the rich and poor mix together and make merry. Speech is free and there is no sense of shame. Young men and women in every home play Holi, smearing gulal and fragrance of scented powders fill the air. Why leave me alone, my love in Phalguna, the month of merry-making?

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Dimensions 9.5 x 7 in
Name of artist

Monu Kumar


Mineral pigments and pure gold on hand made paper


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