Lover's by the lily pool

Lover’s by the lily pool- canvas work

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This is a delightful painting showing Radha’s Hela-hava.

his is a delightful painting showing Radha’s Hela-hava. It is a moonlit night of autumn, and the lovers are meeting
near a lotus pool. The reflection of the orb of the moon in the pool, and the trees covered by flowering creepers create
an enchanting scene, which provides appropriate background to the romance of Radha and Krishna. Radha met
Krishna in solitude in the moonlit night, with a smile on her face and fragrance around her. She then enslaved him
by making him drink the wine of her lips.

The method of continuous narration is followed, and the picture is in two parts:
in the foreground is shown a love scene, and in the background the lovers are walking away with the hand of each
on the other’s shoulder. Krishna is with his favourite gopi, Radha. Radha with her beautiful moon -like face appears
enchanting in the loveliness of her fresh youth. The dark Krishna and fair Radha, in close embrace, appear like the
dark cloud, mated with a flash of lightning. The picture in the background is particularly enchanting; the lovers walking with the hand of one on the shoulder of the other symbolize companionship and deep intimacy. They are looking at each other fascinated and remind us of the lines of Vidyapati:
Her partridge -eyes beholding Krishna’s moon -fair -face
Were drinking draughts of dew:
Each on the other gazing, spread abroad the taste of bliss.

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Dimensions 48 x 36 in
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Acrylic colours on canvas


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