The sports of Krishna with damsels in spring time

The sports of Krishna with damsels in spring time- canvas work

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Canto I of the Gita Govinda opens with a delightful description of spring. Radha was in search of Krishna. Her thoughts were confounded by the fever of desire; she roved in the vernal morning among the twining vasantis covered with soft blossoms, when a damsel thus addressed her:

Raga Vasanta, Yatitala
lalita lavan galatapari silanako
malamala yasamire
madhu karanikara karambitako
kilaku jitakun jakutire
viharati haririha sarasa vasante
nrityati yuvatijanena samam
sakhi virahijanasya durante

“The breeze that has wantoned round the delicate clove plants, breathes from the southern Malaya hills. The arbours resound with the notes of the koel and the buzzing of bees. In this lovely spring, when love cannot endure separation, Hari is enjoying himself and is dancing with young damsels. Friend Radha, go and seek Him.”

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