Place a Circle of Musk on my forehead

Place a circle of musk

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This is an illustration of the following verse from Canto XII of the Gita Govinda:

mrigamad arasav alitam lalitam
kuru tilakamali kara janikare
vihi takalan kakalam kamalanana
visramita sramasikare mama

ruchire chikure kuru manada
manasi jadhvaja chamare
ratigalite lalite kusumani
sikhandi sikhanda kadamare

“O Love, place now a fresh circle of musk, black as the lunar spots, on the moon of my forehead; and mix gay flowers on my tresses with a peacock’s feathers, in graceful order, that they may wave like the banners of Kama.”

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Name of artist

Sushil Kumar


Mineral pigments and pure gold on handmade paper


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