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Tossing of Flower

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This painting is from the Bihari Satsai series of Kangra paintings. The verses of Bihari Satsai are rich in poetic flavour, elegance, subtlety of feelings and sensual delight. Brevity of expression is combined with richness of content. The Kangra artistes have captured the emotions contained in these verses so well that these paintings can be called ‘love lyrics translated into line and colour’.

This is one of the most animated Kangra miniature. Radha is about to hold back the flower tossed by Krishna; Krishna is ready to catch it. A sakhi (friend) stands and watches the game and the fun and frolic between the lovers.
According to Hindu mythology, Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu-the God who maintains Nature. Radha is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi-the Goddess of wealth. It is they who maintain the universe. They must be active. The flower is a symbol of the time, space and of the fluctuating character of Nature, of life. At one level the painting depicts an innocent game between lovers; at another level, it is a philosophical statement about life and Nature.

Additional Information

Dimensions 9.5 x 7 in
Name of artist

Rajeev Kumar


Mineral pigments and pure gold on hand made paper


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