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This painting is from Baramasa series of Kangra paintings depicting month of Kartik (Oct.-Nov.). In this month the autumn moon shines with unusual brilliance. Happy are the lovers who are together in this month when Deepawali, the festival of lights, is celebrated. In this painting the lovers are seated on a terrace. In the background is a river in which people are bathing. The sky is clear and the rising sun is shown behind a hill. The lady is requesting his lover not leave home in this month. The painting illustrates the following verse of Keshavdas from Kavipriya:

Woods and gardens, rivers and lakes, the earth and the heavens ,all are shining bright as if illuminated by a million lamps. The days and nights are full of joy, and couples are gambling. The walls and courtyards
in every home have paintings of the gods. The universe is pervaded with celestial light, all men and women are gay with love. This is the month for alms-giving, worship of God and sacred baths.

Therefore, I implore you,
my love; go not from home in Kartika.

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