The month of Jyeshtha

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This painting is from the Baramasa series of Kangra paintings depicting month of Jyeshtha (May-June). The lovely lady draped in blue stands on the terrace, her palms dyed red with henna. She is prevailing upon his lover not to leave her. The golden yellow racemes of Amaltas, provide a delightful contrast with the blue drapery of the lady. In the background are shown wild animals restless in the scorching heat of this summer month. The painting is inspired by the following poem (translated to English)of famous Hindi poet Keshavdas from Kavipriya :

Air, Water, Sky, Earth and Fire, all these elements, become one, a burning fire. Weary feels the way fairer and tame is the wild elephant, seeing the dried up pond. The cobra nestles in his trunk, and the tiger slumbers in his shade. All creatures of earth and water are feeble and no rest. That is why the wise enjoin; do not leave home in Jyeshtha.

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